Fiberglass and Composite Manufacturing

Why Spartec Composites Is Positioned to Be A Prime Global Leader in The Composites Industry

It has been reported that the composite and plastic fabrication industry has become an economic force that is now fueling and helping to expand the American Economy.  It is now estimated that this industry’s contribution is now over $22 billion dollars to the overall US economy.  And certain financial analysts project that by the end of the fiscal year 2022, the overall market for composites and plastic materials could be expected to reach over $113 billion dollars.

Top Industry’s Where Composites and Fabrications Materials Are Utilized

As the need for composite and plastic fabrication materials continues to expand and fuel new growth sectors some of the markets areas where this rapid growth is taking place would include infrastructure, transportation, construction, industrial, recreation and sports.  In 2017, glass fiber market was estimated to have reached over 2 billion pounds of a volume of composite materials being produced. In the automotive industry over 4 billion pounds of composite produced materials were created and sold for various applications.  The future of the composites market globally appears to be on an upward trend.  There is no doubt that the demand for composite and plastic fabrication has increased across various market sectors such as aerospace and small consumer goods.  

With this massive amount of growth happening what does this trend likely mean for composite manufacturers and their respective material suppliers?

Who We Are
It is important to mention that Spartec Composites has been a force to be reckoned with in the composite and fabrication industry for more than 40 years. Spartec Composites is also recognized for being certified under the (CGD) Canadian Controlled Goods Directorate and has a reputation for providing superior composite produced materials for various high profile clientele from various parts of the world.
Spartec Composites provides various services that would include processing of metal, wood, and plastics. Kit cutting for textiles pattern digitization and core cutting. Trimming service for 6-Axisrobotic waterjet and router and 3-axis cnc. Their manufacturing process is very robust to in include prototyping, compassion molding, and resin infusion.  Spartec Composites Industries is very experienced and has direct access to shipping and supply routes that would make them the perfect and ideal candidate for any of your composite needs.

What We Do

With over 40 years of technical expertise combined with advanced technologies has allowed Spartec Composites to be able to offer their customers the highest quality in manufacturing processes at the best competitive prices.  Their knowledge in manufacturing processes allows them to be able to advise and assist their clients in any project from design and take it through to completion. Spartec Composites is very passionate about working closely with their clientele in order to verify that all requirements are met and ensuring that all composite materials are always delivered on a timely manner.  Always on budget and ahead of schedule to ensure the highest quality.