CNC Lasers and Laser Cutting Services


Laser cutting is a potent technology, which can be utilized for cutting different resistant and tough materials including copper alloys, aluminum, stainless steel, carbon, and so on. The industry of metal fabrication uses this technology in cutting and production of sheet metals. This cutting technology improves the speed of productivity greatly, reduces production costs, and enhances cutting quality.

The technology of laser cutting is based on light beam emission through the process of stimulation and utilizes a device called a laser. The industry utilizes different lasers based on the procedure they use for emitting light beams. The common ones include Cancam CO2 laser or carbon dioxide laser, which is actually a gas laser that’s used for welding in the industry. This kind of lasers may produce maximum of 100 kilowatts and may cut twenty to thirty meters of materials that are one millimeter thick in one minute.


While cutting the produced energy is aimed at the material’s small portion to be cut for making a hole, a light beam will be moved along the line to finish the cut. Oftentimes, the materials are moved to the point where the steam light stream is projected. Where powerful light beam strikes the sheet metal it heats up quickly, evaporates, and melts. The delivered amount of energy through lasers depends on the type of the materials that have to be cut. The thin materials require lesser energy amount to be produced. Nevertheless, on average 1-1.5 kilowatt of energy is enough for cutting most materials, wherein steel and some resistant materials need 2 kilowatts or more energy.

There are some benefits of using the best laser cutting services such as cutting speed, affordability, job’s quality, and accuracy. Such benefits alone make the CNC lasers cutting services the famous cutting service in sheet metal fabrication world. But, there are some cons of using lasers to cut metal. For example, the lasers need high voltage to run and aside from high power consumption lasers also make you encounter the risk of electrocution or burns. However, provided the advantages of using CNC lasers as a technology for sheet metal cutting, there’s no doubt that no matter what the cons of some companies face, they still use laser cutting technology for improving the precision and speed of their work.

Tons of metal fabrication companies that are old-fashioned still use some technologies for cutting sheet metals and weren’t aware of a new revolutionary way of cutting metals. As a matter of fact, some people believe the laser cutting process to be the next-generation technology that’s still in the experimental stage. Laser cutting services are widely known among the companies across various industries that integrate well with CAD or computer-aided processes and help the companies work with the automated processes. The best is that the end products are often as ideal as graphic designs on computers. If you’re still not using CNC lasers for your computer, better start incorporating it today and find out how it can make a difference in your growing company.